1. What is Greenheart Transforms?

Greenheart Transforms is a branch of a larger organization, Greenheart International.  At Greenheart Transforms we provide programs to inspire mindful leadership through the exploration of personal growth and social action.

2. Is Greenheart Transforms a non-profit?

Yes, Greenheart Transforms is a branch of Greenheart International, a non-profit organization based in Chicago.

3. What does personal growth mean?

Personal growth can mean many things to different people, but for Greenheart Transforms, personal growth is an individual’s positive evolution toward their full potential in mind, body and spirit.

4. What does social action mean?

Social action means organized community action toward a positive shift on a large scale.  We believe that global change will only happen when we take the benefits of our personal growth and share them with our communities.

5. Does Greenheart Transforms have a religious affiliation?

No, Greenheart Transforms does not have any religious affiliation, nor are we a guru-based organization. We hope that our variety of resources can be applied toward each individual’s personal practice.

6. How is Greenheart Transforms related to the other parts of Greenheart?

Greenheart Transforms is a branch of Greenheart International.

Greenheart International connects people and planet to create global leaders through personal development, volunteer service, environmentalism, fair trade, and cultural exchange.

7. What does the Greenheart symbol mean?

The Greenheart is a symbol of love and respect for each other and the planet. By representing Greenheart, you can express what Greenheart means to you in your unique way.


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